The Gift


“The other children said
he had crazy eyes
and made fun
of how his mother dressed him
and refused to understand
why he liked strange colors
and would not play
with his toys.

They could not get used to
the voices he heard,
or how he traced their faces
with his fingers
and pronounced them good
and were scared
of the way his hands made music
from plain air.

They misread his language
and thought he conjured demons
in the quiet glade
where no birds sang.
But the boy only shrugged
and smiled quietly to himself
at their puzzles.

You see,
he knew the gift of imperfection
its fierce magic
and how to catch beauty
and turn bad luck into an omen

and that different was a fine art
that would one day
save the world.”

by Scarlettletters



If I could understand humans
Asking me to take their hand when needed
When desires become the same without inhibition or shame,
and to love with tolerance,
real true love and acceptance;
It would be to my deepest desire to come to this reawakening.

To discover what really matters
To be of a mature mind,
but stay young at heart,
To be awakened, refreshed each day,
and rest reassured each night.
to find myself by looking inward,
rather than outward in vain.

To be seen as accepting
responsibility without blame;
And a navigator with a compass…

Believing that’s what it takes to live in honestly of Love; and to be loved.
I have awaited for so long for this; to be stirred, inspired by hearts and minds.

To be the good in all,
as it comes in words, not judging, but
of wisdom and Hope.

Where harmony exist with faith and trust of Love rekindled.
I want the love of humankind
and for all children,
to swim in the ocean
and sit in the sun, and climb mountains.

To see a Welsh Spring,
and to know the freedom of its Summers;

the beauty of its Fall,
And to spend the next thousand Winters
with you.

Swan Song


When it’s enough
to say that I love you
within the appendages of my heart,
we are just as fine and fragile,
but it is within this is grace,
that our union becomes
unfolding and settling,
as if a swansea song.

The days we spend together, gentle and so sweet… I can hear your voice throughout the day even when your at work; like a whisper amongst the trees. The days are an awaking so vivid and real and I am lost in the grip of your touch.

Watching you this morning brave but with a wound and with your hands clutched. Moving like thunder, my man of steel with weapons high in the air. They will praise your obsolete avaunt while you take none to spare; you make no enemies and take no prisoners As you they lay their body bare.

At the behest of the robed one, your intellect will chop them into pieces, while my heart rages over your creative side. And then it was done, it’s like a sprinkling rain. Free to roam the forest within your mind; a with a walk of nobility like cap and gown and scroll.

I clutch these moments, watching you grow, evolving creating innovation making people want to learn… It’s more than that; I believe in you and it’s the way you inspire, building dreams for someone’s future; hold their whole world in your very hands.

Pink Peony’s On Amazon EBooks


I made a wish to be like the water temperate, filling forever, lasting and form always changing; so let me tell you about my love for him, where the waters flow, where the bank changes the flow, rapid and steady, it’s where pink peonies, grow. These days, life is running swiftly by as I watch through the eyes of love and where the rain writes our stories
once from distant shores; now we make love by the riverside.
So… poems are meant to break hearts and to make you fall in love and inspire you after reading these words and to become a part of the story.” Love, KM

A Writer’s (Holi)day

Originally posted on WordDreams...:

Small boy with his handicapped grandfatherAny writer who has come of age in the era of social media knows authors do a lot more than write books. We have three big jobs:

  • writing–includes our WIP, blog posts, articles, freelance work–anything that gets our name out there as a writer and lets us practice our art. On a good day, this might be 60% of what I do.
  • publishing–includes managing media outlets, getting our work and name out there, finding an agent. This varies from 5% to 80% of my day’s activities.
  • marketing–finding people who are interested in our writing. Like publishing, this varies depending upon where I am in the writing cycle.

This is aside from the Real Job that pays the bills, supports our family, and keeps us in Starbucks.

With the holidays approaching, I created a TODO list  to help me stay organized:

  1. get back into the tech thriller I’ve been working on…

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Pink Peony’s… and Other Imperfections

Pink Peony's and Other Imperfections by Katie M. Murphy

Pink Peony’s and Other Imperfections
by Katie M. Murphy

Pink Peony’s and Other Imperfections
Volume II – Coming Soon on Kindle

Imperfect souls
together forever by fate
to this life and land.

Destiny found more
than reason or rhyme.

And I found nothing greater
in this world,
than your love.