Wherever I Go


Today everything has changed and I found that Love is everywhere and it’s in me… Over the city and in the busy villages; its in the depths of seas and in the dew on a leaf. And If I walk a thousand miles, my love doesn’t change; only our surroundings do and that I take it with me wherever I go. I thought it would change me but it did not. Only the circumstances around me have changed. It’s as if something has manifested my very innocence in the various nature of my own existence.

Trick or Treat Top Ten


Top 10 Trick or Treat Cat Facts
1. A cat never comes home drunk after being out all night with friends.

2. You can’t put a bell around someone’s neck and always know exactly where he is.

3. You can stroke a cat without automatically being expected to have sex.

4. When a cat comes in at midnight it doesn’t wake you up by smashing into the furniture.

5. Cats never pretend they know how to fix what’s broken.

6. Your cat doesn’t care what size your boobs are.

7. Cats will love you even when you have bad hair days.

8. Cats love rubbing up to your legs no matter how much cellulite you have.

9. It’s okay if your cat rubs up against the guests in your home.

10. You can’t be neutered if you stray.

Hearts and Minds


There are some people that come into our lives that change us forever. And the ones who stay are rare and it is to our own good to open our hearts and minds to things; how these connections begin; and to this bond; how we are bound to each other.

We respect the people we adore, that’s truly the standard of man and woman; it is to love and that none of us are perfect. It takes more than a piece of paper to keep a union special and unique.

It’s about striving to make our lives worth living for one another and in the giving we are forgiven, of all sins past, present, and future, to be strong in this; accepting without judgement or blame; to the understanding what truth is and to building, growing and maintaining the people who come into ours lives; to keep and never let go.

I wanted it to be you…

Time has a way of changing everything.
That goes for almost anything but us.
Always have and I always will remain.
Words from a heart that you can trust.
While others come and go, you can always know
I’m here for you whenever you might need me.

Sometimes if you’re lucky
You’ll find that certain someone
You can always count on to be true.
If I had the choice of only one friend in this world,
You’d know that I’d want it to be you.

You’re still as sweet as a honey bee after all these years.
You’ll always be that funny girl to me.
Season to season well always have a reason
to be the best friends we can be.
“I’d Want It To Be You”

Artist Barbra Streisand and Blake Shelton
Album Partners

(Deluxe) [2014], Track 6


The Ferment


” The ferment is a dance in which

there is much excitement and confusion

caused by change.”

~ Catnip

The ferment can be unnerving… and exhilarating
It’s a new dance, and I just made it up
Here is an introduction of liquid mixture.

It’s mixing together ingredients, causing shifts,
In an especially slightly irregular motion.

It’s a prodding into brisk or vigorous action
to be bestirred; stirring the hips into a fix.

Roused from being different
prompted into action deliberately provoking
stirred by trouble.

Excited strong feelings, change position
slightly moving about actively
from a unusual place or addition.

To be capable of being stirred
moving a mixture that is easily aroused
affected by strong feeling.

A stirring, mixing, poking movement
And movement causing commotion
A excited chemical reaction
Do the ferment.

God Only Knows -BBC

Recorded to promote the legendary UK station’s new channel dedicated to music, the words God only knows what I’d be without you mean more than ever as the performers sing over the gorgeous sounds of the BBC Concert Orchestra. The song is also being released as a single in order to raise money for the BBC Children in Need foundation, which is, quite literally, music to our ears! Watch the fantastic clip above featuring some of our favorite artists ever.

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