It had been a night
of silence
thought and of quietness
making love
no talking or speaking
unsure of intentions.

I cried
and in the love,
on that night
it was as though
neither of us were
not quite sure

Until now.

And if I weren’t sure
I would have told him to
take his crescent wrenches
and fuck off,

…he was crying too
he doesn’t cry
I cry, not him.

So, I slid into bed next
to him, waiting
to hear those intoxicating

and as he spoke, I dreamed
they came so soft and sweet
to me

I tried
to hold the back
the tears,
but I could

Just too

Little Prince


Despite his history
of ass kicking
in boxing and being able to lift
a hundred pounds of iron
I’d never seen a man as strong
as one who could stand up
to his mom, speaking truths.
No, nothing was hidden
it was even deeper than that
he was just like the man of steel.
He did not even hide his heart
his kryptonite
even more so



I don’t know if he could tell
by my shattered voice
that I was hurt,
simply by the way
I carried myself, I don’t know
But I think he knew,
just as much as I knew
So I went to bed
cried like a baby
he ignored it like an elephant
in the room.
He was always good at ignoring elephants
For that I am glad
Carry on stand on your head
I still love you anywayz.