Strong Warrior


The strength of a real warrior comes from not just from his sword he wields, but from his heart. This is a a must read. Beautiful poetry.

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I’m a warrior I”m ready to conquer a warrior strong but not empathetic I never give up I’m a conqueror.. Perfection to own self is the perfection of me.. Perfect is nothing that’s just how it’s to be.. Acceptance of a warrior the resilience ready to conquer the strength of own self Concord acceptance of own self now a Warrior survivor independent of Cancer. Strength as a strong woman independence is the freedom of choice..
Warrior to Conqueror every day one day at a time don’t have sympathy I don’t want your empathy.. I’m a warrior strength is my gain my independence of cancer that’s my physical my conceptual is the strength of a system…
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Weeping Swan

What shall I say to you 

a hundred times 
thought you may forget
but shall I speak of them nonetheless 
and to see what they beget
silken threads undone 
strands swimming 
in long flowing streams 
an oath he never meant
knowing of your fragility 
blemished and marred
undeniably, an irony 
uneasy to discard
wings gracefully 
once intact, no more
unfolding at his whim 
left you fettered, fluttering
fallen with broken wing 
why does he swim
when you are
irrevocably drowning
on one starry night
you lost her smile 
lost in the light 
fluid beauty given
oh lovely swan

do not weep.

Romantic History

Poetry is beautiful words and thoughts
More simply put, it’s way of expressing desire,
Hopeful of a reaction provided to the reader,
If it is love, it’s simply there, overwhelming,
Loving words, thoughts, and a book, a novel perhaps,
A nonfiction of passion, believe it or not.

I really do read everything, it’s not what you think, 
Nothing is left out, tapping the like, hitting the link,
Is not really necessarily mandatory, if I follow; I love,
To compare to the sensual author when it’s desired,
It’s a dare in comparison most complimentary,
Is to the experience of following, to compose, 
One of your very own prose. 

It is not a question to whether it is or is not,
That these words cannot be so believably so,
Too erotic to be true, everyone loves the hero,
It’s an affirmation of love confirming the facts,
She has feelings for him, the heroine,
A hero, oh and there could be more
Could it be me?

So I read on and immediately, engrossed, 
Watching, reading, dreaming, and visualizing you, 
Slightly, imagining how the brow furrows,
Just maybe a fraction of a millimeter or two,
And it becomes clear conversing, he wants her; and she wants him,
When the words on the page become too real.

Imagining you’re sitting there in front of me,
In the silence and privacy of our library,
I just love to kneel down in front of you,
To give incredibly sensual loving, prolonged,
In the passion of serenity of a moment,
Words successfully seduced. 

With me just amidst sonnets of your stories,
I know I can do whatever I want in those moments,
In the stillness, it surrounds me, it’s a desire,
Concentrated in the momentum of love,
About how a simple glance, first become a look 
Poetry transformed, in book of romantic history. 


Bodies held up high

The one that outshines them all,

It seems to twinkle within us

The gaze with unbound grace,

Causing my body to raise,

Feeling flushed of mind in a daze

The most beautiful ones arise

And I think about it all the time,

From sun up, to sun down

You dwell in my mind,

I wish, I desire, I want to make it 

Light embodiment of the dark of night,

Aura of beauty both clear of sight,

Able to endure even after twilight.

Sure~ why I love you …continued

It is my wish for you to have the best, from the depths of my heart, and to let you know you remain very much loved.

Knowing there will always variables, and things that we may like or not, but all I can do is tell you about the only constant I know: and that is you.

What I am sure in this life, is that I did not come to this place just to see you, as our meeting was not just a happy coincidence, but our destiny; to achieve a dream that is above life itself, to achieve a life together, worthy of you and to remain your companion for always.

What I am sure in this life, is that the blindness in others who eyes can’t see forever; but they will have to open them one day and realise that you are my whole life, And I will be at your side.

What I am sure in this life, is that I should not worry, because once we dream together, not even your demons will find us.

What I am sure in this life, is that you will always have my heart; a life full of your love.

What I am sure in this life, is that being by your side, to see your eyes in the mornings; just as blue as the sky, amazing as its colors .

You have opened up before me and shown me your light and the stars form a special combination that goes straight to my heart.

What I am sure in this life, is the softness of your hands, the feelings I experience when you touch me, when I can’t control the trembling of my body.

What I am sure in life, is that I think of you at night, to have more time to love you in the days.

What I am sure in this life, is that I will never abandon you or this world. I want to be with you, with you more than anything.

What I am sure in this life, is that even your voice is amazing, it’s beautiful, it’s music even when you talk and when you write.

What I am sure in life, is that if you are different and it’s that part of you makes me different too; it makes me feel better about myself.

Those obscurities are now gone and far away in my past.

What I am sure in this life, is the beating of a heart that ignores almost everything, except the love he feels for you.

Those moments when you walk through the front door at the end of the day; its when I feel you even in every part of me, even where it is not known or spoken.

What I am sure in this life, is that you are my beloved in which I contemplate the world.

What I am sure in this life, is that you’re the only constant that I have, the only certainty of my life, that every night you are my greatest illusion, you are my one true dream;

You’re the inspiration of my life that has encouraged me over the years to keep writing, to stay motivated, to really live; and because of these; I’m only going to love you more and more; and that I am sure of.