Poetry Verses

When will she be here exactly…I hear voices asking me. 

Soon as she feels capable for she is finishing her task every day. 

Not one will be taken for granted, knowing she is the fabric of my sanity.

So I just stay put here waiting of hope; Freeing my mind from misery; no worries. 

Just say three weeks or so , And I just know she loves me. I can almost hear her say. 

Because I just love her; So I sit here…Waiting, reading; reciting, dreaming…

About the poetry verses of her. 


Paris Amour


Paris from a Window

We stand at the edge of our window, staring out at the street,

Nothing ever looks the same; it’s this place we call our emotions. 

Where there are wonders born from this expansive view;

Raw, sensitive and tender and taking all this makes me want you even more. 

Precious gifts such as this are rare, uncommon for me,

Where your beauty gives me so much to see; getting back much more in return. 

But it’s your Love from this window; it’s the one gift I’ve come to adore.

With many treasured memories we will make from this place amour. 

View From A Paris Window

We stayed in Paris for two weeks.

We saw the view of the streets every day, and had access from the window to look out whenever we wanted.

As an feline, I sometimes take it for granted, but there are many out there who cannot make such a claim. 

Jacques, (Jax), my partner, the terrier has spent most of his life around France and and he can’t help but overlook it sometimes.

He is the reasons why I write poems. 

I write not only to describe it’s breathtaking beauty, but i write to make it more intimate as if I were speaking directly to the reader.

It’s personal and relative and I hope that some day, you will be inspired too. 

So I figured it was about time, as I continue write about life, love, and my journeys with and on “Life With Catnip”… To include my partner; Jacques; it’s pronounced Jax in Texas.

I won’t worry so much about line length, punctuation, and at some points…the flow. I just wanted to be descriptive, and I wanted it to be personal as I begin this new phase in my life. 

But most of all, I wanted to do the picture of you in my head justice. And I hope I’ve done that.

As always, I write because I love you. 

I love you…. I just do.

Love, Catnip


I feel you in my heart
Feel it in my bones 

Life is changing, 

Cleansing waterfall around me.

I want the world to see
All that you’ve got to give,
And I’m going to live,

Be of our own destiny. 

Because I am. We are,

We are not just dreaming,
Life and love is scheming,
We’re doing this streaming,

Wound up in love for you.

I dedicate my ambition 

You are my inspiration. 

And cleansing,


All That Remains

The life I once had here

Is no longer; I’m moving on,

Only the memories remain.

The rest is neatly folded,

Placed in a box; the pictures I kept, 

And some I gave away, then I wept,

But everything else, is safely held,

Stored in my heart or in the attic.

And I all I know is….

Nothing will ever be the same,

Of all that remains. 

Butterfly Swan

Floating away into the night
Melting honey, my divine,
Virtuous dark and light, 
Wrapping warmth around, 
Soft as satin, firm as flesh
Gentle Angel lips, I love thee,
Brushing over me

Like a butterfly swan on the sea,

Fluttering its wings,

Peaceful. Breathless caresses,
Whispering past waves,
The feel of water,
Atop silvery peaks,
Tenderly I wait;

Melting into you,

Melting into me,

Be my Swan,

For All Eternity.


Every night I dream
Your name slips
From my lips
Moments remembering,

Hearts almost forgetting
To beat.

Waiting it through the light 

That you are all I believe in, 
Still, we are getting closer 
To the reaching 
Of our destination. 

And everyday I pray 
And everyday I believe 
In us even more,

And if God chose 
To take me home first 
As sweet as heaven is, 
It would never taste 
As sweet as you. 


Even when you’re next to me, I think of you. 
My life depends on when I will see you. For I will not loose myself in the void of loneliness to the sultry darkness of night. There is solitude in which You live, and where I fell in love with you. 
I find myself caught in a spiral of fantasies and thoughts.
Maybe I’m just very worried about you. It would not be just the first time I’ve gone overboard on protecting you.
That with your very presence, than with be true, seems like a dream.
You hear that? On my face seals the  questions, is it the sound of an angel who sings by your existence.
The sweet calm of the daffodils is so much that you hear the quiet . I think it’s that I can’t remove you from my head.