Writing Esteban


In the mornings I rise
Writing before dawn about last night
Satisfied when I have seen the fuchsia sun,
Rising from earth to sky to cover me,
To see my purple buds bloom.

So if your having that feeling again
Of these days and and years, needing a lift,
Remember you are rich in love,
And you have nothing left to fear.

I’m all curled up in the scent of you
And the way it hangs in the air
Even long after you’ve gone.

Letters to Esteban

image My Luv, The universe is yours Up on the mountain high, With a refurbished iPhone 5 It’s all yours… if you want it. But here’s the deal; I come with it. If you don’t want it, You don’t have to lie, My offerings remain Come what may, in me, With me and within my heart, I want you on top, My dear, or closer. I’ll give you the stars, the moon and everything you could want, the highest peak Just promise me, you’ll stay with me, make it not your choice…

but let Fate decide… When it’s the end of your time And mine. In the meantime…. Let’s Peak. Muah! Kindest Regards, Sweet Katie Catnip

Savoured Flavoured and Twisted

The scent of home
Beyond what can be described
Where I returned a years later
The recognition of it
Everything flowing back.

It’s as though I never left
The slow is the beginning
Like making dough, the bread
Painting it golden brown
Baked in hundreds of degrees

Though it might go unnoticed
How can something so simple be…
Yet be so captivated by nearly all,
But oh, but the aroma.

Its captured within my memory;
I Inhale it, and it becomes clear,
The smell modestly aged,

Your taste is the salt of my life
And yet, oh so cleansing
Salty streams down my face
In them form happy tears;
I taste.

The air i breathe in, when I exhale,
My thoughts keep me adrift ,
With other thoughts of curiosity,
And excitement,
Respect above all else.

This is but a perceived taste
Of the sweetest stillness and warmth
Its what remains.
The whole of us;
More than flavour
We are more than
This product of love.

Oozing of physical sensation
Its just that my mind imagines
We are pretzels,
Entwined all night long
Like last night.

Coming in four turns
A bit twisted,
A bit imperfect,
A bit salty,
Tasting you in that way,
The salty nectar of my life
Oh… Love,
Its flavoured savoured
And twisted.

Good Boy

When his breath catches
in my throat
and the very stillness
of this earth
a thousand miles per hour
It gets lodged there,

Sometimes it’s simple exchanges
leaving me wanting more
Laying in the dust
Filtered pigments of earth
In blood and ash.

But what remains
Is everything from where you are
I stand amazed
and I am not lost, just
Remembering how precious
you are to me
to my heart.

To see you prance on in
So proud you, my beautiful boy
Wagging your tail
as you come.

My heart still aching
For the many things I have loved
None other like you and
Where good boys…
Still get big bones.

On the Road

Of all things,
I would never change them
Just those times
When it’s shit on the road
of acting out on need.

Then there are those moments
We live
The times i shared is all i know,
And all those feelings
Not ever to be forgotten
Never let go.

There’s no way I can.
But on these nights
when I’m cold in my bed
I can’t help but hope,
That you are remain my future

Gives me some small reprieve
And a chance on that road
I might have never walked,
Words i might had never said
Feelings that might never
Been spoken
Without you.

Inside the mushroom

She opens her eyes,
buried under the dry leaves
It’s cold in Wales
But lives to love
Love flourishing once more,
And here, it’s about
all the colors of green,
into Autumn.

Trees begin to show face;
Inside the mushrooms
Life take a deep breath
And some sigh
And make new friends.

The cool damp air enters
Its small fragile body
Some teardrops fall
from the tree
falling on head softly…

The chanting of magic song
The song written with
heart bit by bit
It’s about the feelings he has
For her; and her for him
In the end…
It’s about the expression
of how much
she loves life
Inside the mushroom.

Sheep Shagger


A sheep shagger
cover your mouth
about ewe getting shagged.

He jumped up a bit
smile and they started laughing.
then confused,

We stopped laughing
Backed away a bit but then
his hand was on my head.

Petting cocks
his green emerald eyes
staring down.

He then placed his finger in
Not at my chin
lifted it up to my face.

I don’t mind if we do right now,
If you want
He added as he winked
His touch moved me.

Let’s do this again.
I mean shag.