Close Your Eyes


Having set nothing aside 
Quite ready to take love on 

Not a moment too soon 

Not a moment longer.

Turning to hear every brush of wind

That sound of your footsteps

That reminds me

Of how someone just loves us

Accepting us for who we are. 

They are never too green, 
About how we fall for them 

Or question the reason. 

 So I close my eyes, 

And I will not think about it

About the how; 

Nor ever wonder

About the why. 

Never Less 

Everyday is tender and spent with deliberate care,

To be loved in a thousand different ways,

The simple touch, perhaps a glance,

As if a flower; to wait and watch out for each other…

What is worth more than the hand,

That cares so much for another…

Never to be neither less nor more. 

Stray Hearts

I meow while you sing,
You baa and I purr,
Yet we are always here,
A sight for each other.

Divided we fall
But together we are a family,
And we love each other,
For all eternity.

I keep the house warm
You keep it safe,
I sing at night,
We sleep inside.

You keep me from harm
I keep you calm,
How wonderful it is,
To call this our home.

We are nothing more,
Than just stray hearts
Looking for the loveable,
Running for survival.

We belong together
And there is no doubt,
We done something good,
To deserve such a life.

Reaching with your hand
This is what I understand
So I give you my love
And you give me your heart.



So all day today, at the beach

Sun, and a sprig of parsley 

Saying, “ah, that’ll teach ya.”

If you look closely 

Only one lonely cockle 

Can barely still can be seen

Tormenting a poor dachshund.  

Time to save the cockles 

From extinction. 


Life can feel hectic enough, but from my personal experience; laughter and a kisses a great way in which we can lessen tension and hyperactive energy and put it towards more useful tasks. We spend most of our lives trying to please our other half anyway, so we might as well praise them when they do a trick really well. 

How To Make Friends- part 2

He followed her for the rest of the day. 

His ears alert and forward as he listened to her talk. 

It was funny how he made her happy. Just imagining how she would say “sit.” And he would sit. 

He shared his cozy bed with her. His tail would wag as she pet him; never taking his eyes off of her.   

She knew he wasn’t there just for food like the others. They were friends for sure. 

The others who came around sometimes nipped at her heels when she tried to eat her sausages. 

He could smell the sausages all over her hands; but he didn’t beg. 

Well, not much. 

How To Make Friends


He watched her coming out of the water from the rocks near the cliffs. 

She smelled like the salty sea and old seaweed. 

He thought she might be hiding something under her clothes, but he didn’t know for sure. 

So she went to him and introduced herself. 

She gave him a sausage. 

It was love.

Best friends ever since. 

Relic of Beauty

Every petal fervently reaching

With each glance straining to see,

The delight of a yellow bouquet 

Is a gift of beauty to another

When the beautiful becomes a pleasure. 
My senses acute; I become alive,

Relishing in time standing still,

Smiling giddy amidst eternity,

Before and beyond the lovely. 
A moment is cherished 

When someone chooses to bring

Sunflowers on this day;

Such a relic of beauty never lost,

Nor forgotten. 

Thank you.