Ask and Forgive

Fear, pain and sorrow,

It makes us human,
And if I have caused a disappointment,

Purged one of emotion,

Caused a fear, too steep to climb,

From a deep crevasse of dark abyss,

It’s was not my wish to hold back the years.

All I can do is try is erase; ask and forgive

Taking all the sorrow and fearing

Upon my shoulder, without resisting

And to be human enough,

To let it go.

What is a Poet

 What is a Poet? 

He is a man speaking to men: a man, it is true, endued with more lively sensibility, 

more enthusiasm and tenderness, who has a greater knowledge of human nature, 

and a more comprehensive soul, than are supposed to be common among mankind; 

a man pleased with his own passions and volitions, and who rejoices more than other men in the spirit of life that is in him; 

delighting to contemplate similar volitions and passions as manifested in the goings-on of the universe, 

and habitually impelled to create them where he does not find them.

~ William Wordsworth

Theory of Knowledge 


“The world is my presentation.” ~Schopenhauer, Philosopher

The world presents itself as it appears to the knowledge of the subject. It’s appearance is in the form of time, space and causality. 

And these forms every for nominal phenomena that necessarily appears, because they are formed by object and to the subject to the world as it presents itself. 

The world presents consist entirely out of phenomena. That is apparently related according to these forms.  

Like if I don’t get my mortgage, I will probably be upset. Re: object to subject. 

The most fundamental relation between right shit and left shit is the way lenders thinking I’ll get into debt and not pay the mortgage company. 

They which is implied in all of them without acerbic they can be presented knowing I’ve got jet lag bad, reality is subjective. 

So, I need more slips and forms. 

Just Great. Pffff.
Ref: Schopenhauer by Thomas Whittaker, London; 1916, “Theory of Knowledge, Chapter II, p. 16.

Pen Paper and Soul


And for that one moment while the music plays you know who you are and everything you wish to be.”

Within us is the sounds, we are the ones the music is written for.  

I hear it in my ear
A different sense of lyric, 
With sources of its rhythm
still remain unknown.

To remain inside
Hearts and minds, 
when one create tone 
and now I know
my brightest dreams
will not be chased

A commitment to our belonging 
is purposely artful,
it’s an adhesion to our balance,
overtly hopeful, 
the ultimate test of our patience
like a time capsule.
I do not resist his pull,
nor he mine
and now I see
how love is best embraced
in full…
He is my teacher
I am learning to find 
he is like my inner self;
my pen, my paper 
and my soul.

Writing My Emotions 


If my emotions
were in words
if I were to explain,
it’s like reading poems
with you, next to my bed
when you come in the middle 
of the night,
Like a silent butterfly.

Your my novel, nourishing 
a new line loving like this,
and when you rise, flourishing 
and when I shine, 
you shine too.

Writing with detailed ambitions
in verses; like love notes
to our destiny and to the reverse
if you write love, and if I write it
let’s write write it together. 

Writing only for myself, but 
what only a nonfiction can satisfy;
it if is not to love someone so deeply
In life; what else is there….
that’s what is like,
to live even after death, 
It’s when two souls survive 
share the same thoughts. 

To capture humanity
in a prose, life imposed
like life’s pictures frames,
nights we spent talking, 
in the window; In London
words are memory’s remembered,
still waiting to be written,
and some stories 
still await to be told. 

WriTE LoVE EveRy Day – 365

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To write you love every day ~ 365 Days
Ten things Why I love yoU

Day 1o

101. I love the fact that we dream up grand adventures together

102. I love that you make me see that my heart has finally found a home.

103. I love how I always want to see you

104. I love how you always want to see me

105. I love how hardworking you are

106. I love how you value my opinions

107. I love how I never get tired of looking at you

108. I love that you shows off the things that your good at

109. I love that you appreciates the beauty and value of things

110. I love how I admire you so much

Damn Baby…what do you call them?

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