When he pulls the hair,
The tilt of the head,
For that all consuming

Behind those eyes
How can so much potential
Cause such an uprising
of emotion
Contained with clouding depths

Lips that are so unreadable sometimes…
Wondering what are you thinking
You are a glittering jewel,
The bride.

Flashing with desire
and frustration,
Soft and gentle, kiss me
And calm this storm
Once more.

Where peace and tranquility
Is shown, only then
Can true love be known
This is what it feels like.

Your eyes dance with curiousity,
Those lips glimmering
Shining with eternal hope.

When you glance at me, I see
Just your presence
Burning into my mind
So come here, pleadingly
And kiss me again
And again.


Photo: Honeymoon by Rahmet Redzepov

He brings me flowers
And holds my hand
Showers me with kisses
Wanting me as much
As I want him.

He pledged pleading
Sworn an oath
And i give in

So when i’m with him
He’s my everything
All the world seems right
It’s the love everyday
And night.

There’s an automatic shift
In behavior and mood
I fall to the ground
On my back.

Sweet swollen lips
From heaven and hell
In one short trip.



Receiving, and to be able to do it well…especially this time of year. To be able to receive without judgement; it is the process of accepting something given, or inflicted with the sensation passive with emotion. Receiving is a matter of the gracious heart; it requires an act in which we unite and it brings us together many different aspects; being that it is as important as giving as to receive.



Eventually the two of them,
When the emotions came
Taking kisses down the neck
Touches which seemed intimate
To him and to her,
Of the instincts instilled within
Touches dissipating at the shoulders,
Hands moving affectionately
But in a more chaste position
Taking perches on the hips,
The sides, shoulders,
Wherever she could find a space
Evasive and constant attention
Giving into him.

True Nobility


Then there was times
where he would try to fight for it, rarely, noble and not in vain.

Where their bodies were entangled more as if he were pressed into her, that he’d been backed into,
in the heat of the moment.

Making love to paper and pen
of just being together
with no other love interests,
no, nothing got into their way.

Hands wandered across pages
writing every word down
from skin to explore deep
and from within.

Nothing Hidden


Each time his eyelids fluttered
his consciousness was met
with a soft glowing
of her immortal skin
in the low light.

At first It was less than
a little truth, but then
there was no holding back
for his naturally curious
and sensitive self
came out.

It was that place he came too,
where nothing is hidden,
where nothing more is wanted
than the truth